Raffle for 2025 LSCC Cookoff

This year we have had 3 items donated to participate in a raffle. Raffle tickets are $25.00 for a single entry. Raffle tickets can be purchased starting now and up to the raffle drawing on October 5th. Raffle Tickets can be purchased (either via email or in-person) from Mona Schlieper (monaschlieper@yahoo.com), Deba Center (bcenterster@gmail.com), Gene Moffett (bprophet@gmail.com) and Bobbi Furst (bobbi.furst@astound.com). Payment for raffle tickets can be cash, check, venmo or paypal.

FIrst Prize – Rifle Donate by Value – $1500.00

.243 WIN BDL W/Zeiss Diavari 3.9 X MC Scope. Includes case.

Second Prize – Blackstone Carnivore Griddle. Donated by Lowe’s Value – $600.00 (Value has increased since donation)

36″ Griddle size with side table and updated Culinary design that is exclusive to Lowe’s.

Patented Omnivore griddle plate with built in wind guards is designed and tested to recover faster, prevent warping and use less fuel to maintain high heat.

Assembly will be required.

Third Prize – Custom Handmade Damascus Steel Chef’s Knife Set with Leather Carrier Donated by Rhonda Childress Value – $350.00

Handcrafted Chef’s knife set – 4 knives and one cleaver. Made of Damascus Steel. Knives and Cleaver are oiled and in protective wrappings which will need to be removed and set washed before use.

What is Damascus steel? Damascus steel is an easily recognizable type of steel that gets a distinct look from its wavy patterned design. While this steel is known for its sleek look and beautiful aesthetics, Damascus steel is highly valued because it is hard and flexible while maintaining a sharp edge.

In hardness testing, Damascus steel is significantly harder than other types of steel, with higher Rockwell hardness values (59-62 HRC). This indicates that Damascus steel is highly resistant to deformation, making it ideal for use in applications where resistance to wear and tear is important.